07 March, 2021

Sinositis Relapse?

How are South China Sea and Balochistan connected? Via the dragon of course.

Maritime Muscle
A Chinese destroyer fires a missile in the East China Sea after the UN tribunal’s ruling
Photograph by AP
Sinositis Relapse?

Balochistan, where China has sunk in $46 billion to build the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, connecting Gwadar port with Xinjiang—a key infrastructural piece of President Xi Jinping’s one-belt-one-road project—is fast showing signs of bec­oming a new headache in the already uneasy Sino-Indian relations.

The Chinese leadership is busy battling a move by the US and its allies to keep a possible mention of the ongoing tension in the South China Sea at the G20 Summit in China’s Hangzhou on September 4-5. Beijing has been lobbying with member countries, including India, not to be a party to the West-initiated move. Balochistan was hardly an issue China expected India to raise—it not only adds fresh strains on the frayed India-Pakistan ties but also has the potential of drawing China into it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi, had surprised most people with an unp­recedented reference to the appalling human rights condition in Balochistan and...

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