16 January, 2021

Sinister Gaze

A love story with a creepy twist

Sinister Gaze
WAITING for her lover Jean-Marc in a small town off the Normandy coast, advertising executive Chantal overhears two waitresses discuss a TV show that seeks, with meagre success, to track down individuals who have vanished without a trace. Thus begins a sinister descent into a maelstrom of nothingness. What if Jean-Marc were to disappear, Chantal wonders. Hours later, a dream full of images of the past adds to her discomfiture. For, her sense of self is explicitly predicated on the present; haunting memories of the past saw off chunks of the present, her life with Jean-Marc, and disfigure her identity.

The next morning Jean-Marc, alienated by the illogicalities of human existence and comfortable living only on the periphery, is consumed by an inexplicable yearning to be with Chantal and goes looking for her. He spots a familiar, known silhouette, with its characteristic chignon, nonchalantly taking in the seaside vista, oblivious of the sand-yachts zooming menacingly around her. Is she alive to the danger of being crushed? Horrifying images rapidly whir by: Chantal...



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