25 June, 2021

Singing It Loud

The SC verdict has set transgenders ‘free’. It grants them a political role beyond symbolism.

Jitender Gupta
Singing It Loud
  • In 2012, the Election Commission introduces a third category—‘other’—for voter registration to be more inclusive
  • For the 2014 general election, 84,304 voters registered under ‘other’ category
  • New SC ruling a gamechanger: ensures legal rights, reservation in education, employment. Recognises community as OBC, speaks out against discrimination.
  • Members admit low voter turnout due to lack of political engagement, incentives


“This is our year of independence.” That’s the unanimous verdict from the transgender community post the Supreme Court ruling early this week on the long-standing question mark over the status of the ‘third gender’. Having now secured a basic legal status and inclusion in mainstream society, it is no doubt their biggest moment ever in India. Some say the signs for a historic judgement were already there, with the Election Com­mission opening up the gender category to include...

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