20 October, 2020

Singhing In The Rain

The PM's promise of improving the delivery systems is a mammoth challenge

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Singhing In The Rain
Ever since he came to power, Dr Manmohan Singh has made it abundantly clear that he regards the prime ministership not as an entitlement, much less a spoil of electoral war, but as a unique opportunity to serve the nation. Far from conferring rights upon him, it has imposed a huge burden of obligation. The first inkling we had of this profound change of approach to governance came in the Common Minimum Programme. Whatever it may have lacked in consistency, the CMP made it clear that economic development could not take place at the expense of the poor. The foremost task before the government was to make the poor partners in progress and ensure that the weakest of them was not crushed under its wheels. In his budget speech, P. Chidambaram explained how the government hoped to do this without discouraging growth, in spite of having to operate within the straitjacket of a minority government backed by an ad hoc alliance.

In his Independence Day address to the nation, Dr Singh sought to take the people of India a few more steps down the path that he is seeking to blaze. Even among...


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