01 August, 2021

Singapore Diary

Left ravaged after World War II, Singapore evolved into a beautiful ‘City in a Garden’ in no time, thanks to meticulous town planning.

Singapore Diary
The Merlion is Watching

Every time you plan a trip to Singapore, rapid-fire parting shots from the been-there-done-that types are inevitable. “Don’t you dare carry chewing gum, man!” (As if you are the only polyisobutylene-addict left on this planet!) “And, for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to flush out your poo in the washroom.” (As though you are the prime suspect for all the leftovers found inside public lavatories back home!) Friendly suggestions fly thick and fast but each advice, howsoever well-intentioned, tends to caution against flouting rules on the island-nation. It almost instils fear in your subconscious, of being slapped with a hefty fine for a minor goof-up, and being mortified by embarrassment on a public Singaporean street. It also makes you wonder if an invisible eye would start snooping on you the moment you set out from Changi airport, tracking all your movements surreptitiously, right up to the loo, to...

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