17 June, 2021

Singapore: Business As Usual

Singapore: Business As Usual

INDIAN businessmen and academics here feel that the Congress' re-election at the head of a coalition government would be the best thing for India's economic reforms. However, they hasten to add that the coming to power of the BJP as a major partner in a coalition would not pose a threat to the reforms process initiated by Narasimha Rao.

Several businessmen reacted strongly to an Outlook opinion poll, widely reported in the press here, that forecast a hung Parliament for India. Says George Abraham, executive director of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: "The most important factor that foreign investors are going to look at is the decision-making process and how it will be affected. Our perception so far has been that regardless of which party is ruling in different states, they recognise investments that bring about a more balanced regional economic growth, and the creation of jobs in otherwise backward areas." The Singapore-backed Bangalore Information Technology Park, he says, is a good example.

Academic Mukul Asher,...

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