15 May, 2021

Singam On Song

Surya rises, balancing two audience streams

Singam On Song

It is very difficult to find entertainment in Singam 2, for it is unashamedly racist towards the African community. It also advocates corporal punishment in school as a means of keeping students from crime in adulthood. Lines implying that sort of nonsense are mouthed in the film with utter conviction by Saravanan Sivakumar, better known as Surya. That Surya utters those lines certainly does not make them any less racist or regressive; but the star wattage of the actor, not to mention the sheer cartoonishness of the movie, might perhaps have marginally diminished the negative impact.

Surya, who turns 38 this month, is the son of Sivakumar, the nearly-man of Tamil cinema, who enjoyed some success in the 1970s as a leading man and then won acclaim playing older roles after being subsumed by the Rajnikanth-Kamalahaasan wave, setting those two in pole position like MGR and Siv­aji Ganesan in the preceding decades.

In 1997, Surya debuted with his contemporary Vijay, already five films old, in S.M. Vasanth’s Nerukku Ner, produced by Mani...

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