26 July, 2021

Sindh's Stolen Brides

On the other side of the Thar, Hindus, especially girls, are forced into Islam

Rehan Khan
Sindh's Stolen Brides

Hindus In Pakistan

  • Hindus constitute about 2.5 per cent, or 26 lakh, of Pakistan’s population.
  • Though sprinkled all over Pakistan, 95 per cent of Hindus are in Sindh.
  • Only Tharparkar district in Sindh has Hindus in majority: 51 per cent.
  • Other districts with sizeable population: Mirpur Khas (41 per cent), Sanghar (35 per cent), Umerkot (43 per cent)
  • Nearly 82 per cent of Pakistani Hindus are lower caste, most of them farm labourers
  • Cities with some Hindu population: Karachi, Hyderabad, Jacobabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.
  • In Tharparkar, Hindus own land. Krishen Bheel, Gyan Chand and Ramesh Lal are the Hindus in the Pakistan National Assembly.


Let me confess at the outset: I’m travelling in interior Sindh to verify specifically the reported widespread menace of abduction of Hindu girls, their forcible conversion to Islam and betrothal to Muslim men. My first port of call is...

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