29 September, 2020

SIC Facts, In Bad Grammar

SIC Facts, In Bad Grammar
"The Lichchavis (to whom Gautama Buddha belongs) were an old and established Ganarajya." (Chapter 3, Class 6, Ancient India)
The Buddha was actually from the Sakya clan.

"Sectarianism is thus an aid to nationalism in Hindu culture."
(Chapter 3, Class 6, Ancient India)

"The ideology of the Nazi party was a sort of fusion of German nationalism and socialism."
(Page 10, Class 9, Contemporary India)

"Mussolini and the fascist party attracted many sections of the society as he aimed at rescuing Italy from feeble government."
(Page 10, Class 9, Contemporary India)

"It (ancient medicine) was based on the theory of three humours—air, bile, phlegm—the correct balance of these gave in a healthy body."
(Page 169, Class 9, Ancient India)

"...That the microlithic industry is rooted in the preceding phase of upper palaeolithic industry is proved both by the continuation of the archaeological stratigraphy from the upper palaeolithic into the microli-thic and from the physical...



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