19 October, 2020

Shut The Door

War by other means -- though never the sneaky means of hit-and-run killers -- would be in order. What comes to mind is the origin of the word 'boycott'.

Shut The Door
If nationhood is tested and tempered in the crucible of danger, India should by now lead the world in strength, unity and resilience. I exclude the unending violence in Kashmir from this maturing process for that is a battlefield where bloodletting is to be expected. Nor do I cry woe over assaults on the bastion of democracy for democracy is not a monument of stone and cement that barbarians can demolish. But murderous raids in the capital city of the republic are as portentous as the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in America. More dangerous, in fact, for December 13 revealed that our enemy is not an alien intruder in distant skies but someone who moves unnoticed and indistinguishable in our midst.

When I now see a white Ambassador insolently rushing the traffic lights with its red bulb glowing atop, I cannot help but ask whether a gunman lurks in its cushioned depths or just a fat and self-important bureaucrat. A special parking sticker plastered on the windscreen conjures up visions of a bomb ticking away in the boot. Even khaki is no longer the prerogative...


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