27 July, 2021

Showman Speaker

Politics is just one of Tomazinho Cardozo's many pursuits

Showman Speaker

HE is a man of many talents. And nobody appreciated them more than his audience in the Gulf where he had embarked on a musical tour in early December, singing Konkani songs with his troupe to a 600-strong audience in Dubai.

And when Tomazinho Cardozo is not singing, he is performing for an audience of a different kind—as the Speaker of the Goa Assembly. A headmaster-turned-Congress legislator, Cardozo has notched up quite a few points also as footballer, village sarpanch, Konkani actor and, of course, politician.

Cardozo's passion for art is as strong as his zest for politics and there are no compromises on either front. In fact, Cardozo still sees himself as an artiste first. "Art is more important to me than politics," says he. "I've always said this Speaker's post is a purely temporary phase in my life." His affair with the Konkani stage is long-standing; he has 17 books to his credit, including plays, verse, stage songs, folk songs and short stories.

Art imitates politics in most of...

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