03 August, 2021

Shower Thyself Blind

There's a bathroom in every house. But how many of them have a tornado in the shower?

Shower Thyself Blind

We’re calling this Space Odyssey 2006. It’s one that begins in the most unlikely place of all: the loo. For, as bathing experiences go, we haven’t seen a more blatant contrast in styles and space usage than when people are starkers. For Delhi-based executive Rajeev Lamba, power breakfasts are passe. He starts his day with a power shower under his recently purchased RainSky, a steel shower tile, measuring 2x2 feet, that works like an automated weather god. At the press of a button, it blasts his body with a thunderstorm as vertical jets spew wet, wild froth over his head and torso. Invigorated by this super-soaker, after a few soapy seconds he turns the flow to soft mist while a chromatherapy light panel changes colours, from energising fire-red to cooling aqua-blue. Storming him into wakefulness and soothing him with mist, Rajeev’s water-tile cost Rs 2.5 lakh. Yes, that’s just the cost of the shower in his living room-sized loo.

Artist Pinakin Patel, who lives in Alibaug along coastal Maharashtra, created a simple and...

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