01 August, 2021

Show us a sign, the deaf and mute said. The MP cops have obliged.

Show us a sign, the deaf and mute said. The MP cops have obliged.
Ian Stillman, a deaf and mute British national, is charged with possessing brown sugar by the police in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. During court proceedings, he’s not allowed to use an interpreter to present his defence. Stillman, who runs an NGO called Nambikay Foundation in Kanyakumari, is sentenced to 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment.

A deaf and mute girl, arrested on the charge of being a Naxalite, was raped by a constable while she was being brought back to the remand home at Balaghat (MP) after attending a court hearing at Jabalpur. With great difficulty she finally managed to convey the traumatic experience she had to the head of the remand home. But nothing moved, till the press got wind of the case. After protests and public outrage, the accused was arrested. But questions remain: Will she ever get justice? How did she cope with the trauma?

There are other questions too but it relates to their disability. Do the deaf and mute get adequate opportunities to defend themselves? And do the wheels of justice really move when they tug at them? "The answer,...

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