22 January, 2021

Show The Way, Big Brother

India will have to make the first move towards peace, says Gen Mirza Aslam Beg

Show The Way, Big Brother

Living as perennial adversaries, India and Pakistan are continually treading the razor’s edge. The ever-present danger now seems tinged with the threat of an impending doom, what with the induction of nuclear weapons into the South Asian equation. And despite a great deal of ‘informed’ expert opinion, the threat of a nuclear holocaust in the subcontinent cannot be dismissed on the premise that nuclear deterrence always works. If deterrence is meant to circumvent fear, it only serves to accentuate it in the mind of the adversary. Thus, it slides into the vicious circle of an unending arms race.

But a conventional or nuclear war isn’t imminent at present, for while politicians concerned about home-image may display habitual belligerence, launching a war would be self-defeating. The reasons for this are that India has thrown in an enormous number of combat soldiers-over half-a-million of them in the Valley-which deprives it of the locus of control to release them and be able to face an all-out war against Pakistan. Whereas, in terms of quantum of soldiers...



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