29 July, 2021

Show Me The Fin

Head under water? Scuba diving opens up a different world.

Show Me The Fin
  • Looking for Corals India has one of the longest coastlines in the world and the archipelagos of Lakshadweep islands and the Andaman and Nicobar islands make for dive spots teeming with marine life. Kadmat island, Lakshadweep, and Havelock island in the Andamans are the most favoured places. Goa is another fun spot, where you can add scuba to your sea-and-sand holiday itinerary. Knowing your way around in the water is helpful, but it is not essential that you swim like a fish to go scuba diving, unless you want to be a certified diver. Non-swimmers can take beginners’ lessons in breathing and buoyancy in confined water. Technicalities taken care of, slip on your bodysuit and jump in. Watch manta rays, turtles and colourful fish swill around corals; explore weed-entwined wrecks, like the SS Mary, a British-built steamship near Grande Island, Goa. A 7-night package in the Andamans, including 12 dives and accommodation, will cost you Rs 25,000. In Goa, a four-night package can be had for Rs 10,000 in the off-season.

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