24 November, 2020

Should India Carry Out Surgical Strikes In Pak?

Israel's situation is different. We need solutions that make Indians safer.

Should India Carry Out Surgical Strikes In Pak?
After the Mumbai attacks, many people have said that India should follow Israel’s example and launch military strikes against the militants in Pakistan. I have no doubt our army enjoys conventional superiority over the Pakistani army, but such ideas ignore deep differences between Israel and India. And, more importantly, such ideas tend to confuse the myth of Israel’s success with the real results of its actions.

The similarities between our positions are deceptive. We are battling terrorists; the Israelis are battling those they call terrorists. Both their opponents and ours are armed and trained with the help of external actors. This is where the similarities end. Israel faces an existential crisis and has been, since the moment it was created, surrounded by hostile Arab states. It has an unwilling Palestinian population under its control. Adding to the fears such a situation creates is the memory of the Holocaust. We have no such fears. India is a large country—basically indestructible. The most that terrorists can do is bleed us....



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