03 August, 2021

Should India Carry Out Surgical Strikes In Pak?

Hamas, LeT, they are the same. India has to make the ultimate choice.

Should India Carry Out Surgical Strikes In Pak?
Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the crisis in Gaza is that it was so easily avoidable. The six-month truce brokered by Egypt was nearing its end and Israel had reiterated its readiness to extend it. The response from Hamas was an unambiguous refusal, and two days before the truce ended, it renewed bombardment of southern Israeli villages and towns. Over the past six years, more than 30,000 missiles have rained down on Israeli civilians from Gaza. In 2008 alone, there were over 2,950 such attacks. These continued unabated even through the truce.

Israel tried everything possible to end this constant barrage. It left Gaza of its own volition in 2005, introduced economic inducements to assist institution-building in Gaza, used the good offices of foreign states to impress upon Hamas to cease targeting civilians and tried to reach a long-term truce. All attempts were refuted. The time comes, sadly, that when all efforts to bring security fail, the only recourse possible, after years of restraint, is the military option. The primary duty and...

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