29 November, 2020

Shot A ’Ennessy, Boss Di Dancefloor

Opening for Jamaica...girls like sugar...Flamboyance Gayle...girl magnet in Engl and...hard cricket, bad-arse sweets in Adelaide—excerpts from Chris Gayle’s book

King Of Cool
Gayle lets his hair down, and his feet up, at a hotel lobby. A cricketer’s life is an itinerant, hectic life. Gayle is a past master at living it.
Shot A ’Ennessy, Boss Di Dancefloor

Life changes. Cricket is still the obsession, but it has competition. Playing under-19 cricket for Jamaica, I start opening with a crazy kid from the sticks called Leon Garrick. He is a superstitious boy. The night before a match he insists we go to the movies together, because he believes that if we go to the movies together we make runs together the next day. He also likes to party. We make a good pair, because both of us are shy with girls, have no money to buy clothes and have no money to buy drinks. We can’t even get into the places we want to get into, not least for those reasons, but against logic each of us still acts like a gyalis, a ladies’ man. Playboys in borrowed shirts, playboys in your big brother’s shoes.

And it’s fun. Opening for Jamaica together, runs starting to flow. Getting into the nightclubs whose doors open because of those runs. Easing into the party groove, starting to find girls, starting to convince them that we’re not penniless kids from the country or Rollington Town, but somehow men with the world wanting to...



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