13 April, 2021

Short-term Pain Can Fix Most Fractures

India needs innovation and intervention across disciplines to be future-ready

Short-term Pain Can Fix Most Fractures

India’s institutions of higher learning should aim to be globally preferred, with strong R&D, Nobel winners and global students. They should help to build a strong manufacturing and service base for the country. It is in this context of innovation and delivery that I view the Outlook rankings of professional colleges, done in collaboration with Drshti.

This year’s rankings include many new engineering colle­ges and saw enhanced participation from other streams. The process combines objective data from colleges, verified through visits to selected colleges, combined with the largest percept­ual survey to date: perceptual ratings by nea­rly 7,000 students, professors and recruiters and professionals. This composite ranking has been the most robust to date. It must be used to help identify areas for institutional improvement.

Areas for institutional improvement, however, do not come only from ranking processes—the econo­mic and social cost of inadequate resea­rch and development by our premier institutions is clear by...

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