01 March, 2021

Shoot... Inside The Nine-Hour Q&A Session

The Gujarat CM got no special privileges at the SIT office. The investigation report on April 30 will now decide Modi’s fate.

R.A. Chandroo
Shoot... Inside The Nine-Hour Q&A Session

What questions did the SIT have specific to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi? The agency, which functions as an investigative arm of the Supreme Court, reportedly grilled the CM on the conspiracy, criminal negligence and state complicity angles, the main issues raised by the widow Zakia Jafri in her petition. There were suggestions about a fixed questionnaire but sources say this is inaccurate. A.K. Malhotra, the SIT investigator who questioned Modi, is an experienced CBI hand.

Modi’s interrogation was also the second longest in connection with the Zakia petition. The CM was grilled for over nine hours. Before this, the SIT had questioned over 60 people, including officers, politicians and witnesses to the Gulbarg Society attacks where former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri and 69 others were brutally murdered by a mob.

Sources say “Malhotra and Modi definitely did not exchange pleasantries”. Besides the two men, only the typist recording the statements was present. It was a no-nonsense, tough...

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