26 July, 2021

Shobhana Bhartia

vice-chairman of The Hindustan Times

Shobhana Bhartia
Why a commemorative book?
Our 75th year. It's documenting both history and tradition which HT has experienced since its launch in 1924. current priorities.

But your piece is focused more on the future..
It's the vision that is shaping the daily's current priorities.

Have the winds of change flown in?
Change is imminent in any organisation. Our products today are better geared to meet the needs of the changing environment.

Are you happy with your Internet venture?
Yes. We have two brands—hindustantimes.com and go4i.com. We are in the process of closely integrating both.

Home TV was not a happy experience.
Yes. Two of our British partners exited because of the uncertainty over the proposed Broadcasting Bill. However, we are looking at this sector afresh.

Isn't HT still a Delhi daily?
We are the leading daily in northern India and are expanding fast.

Your rivals are growing fast.
The market is expanding. Our lead over our rivals has also grown.

Some associate HT...

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