19 January, 2021

Shinzo Abe

What is true of Godhra, should be true for India and also for Japan, 'Narubhai’, as I like to call him, said...

Illustration by Saahil
Shinzo Abe

Khem Chho! I am helpless. Spent almost the entire weekend with Narubhai and it has rubbed off on me. I warned my protocol staff not to repeat such mistakes. There can be too much of NaMo or ‘Narubhai’ as I like to call him. With too much of time on our hands and very few things in common, ‘time pass’ was difficult. Barack called me from Washington to inquire how I reacted to the NaMo onslaught. Wanted some tips on how to handle the situation. Very soon, NaMo will be in Washington to talk about ‘Development’. Barack is nervous. NaMo talks in Hindi-Gujarati, the interpreter translates into Gujju English, some American bloke translates this into American English, Obama replies in Yankee English which is then translated to Gujarati-Hindi. Ask me, I endured this the entire weekend.  

Our India desk had me believe that NaMo’s got no sense of humour. Not correct, though it was a punishment for us to be together for hours on end. We visited the Toji Temple and viewed the Buddha statue with the attached lotus. Trying to...



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