28 January, 2021

She’s Got The Code

Now equal opportunity for girls also to become frustrated engineers

Illustration by Saahil
She’s Got The Code

Once upon a time people who owned land cultivated rice, wheat, jowar and bajra. Then they discovered a new cash crop. They started cultivating engineers. The first requirement of an engineering college is a building. If you have the budget, do put marble in the lobby. Air-condition the classrooms. Orange and yellow benches in the canteen. Bhai, dekhne mein acchha lagta hai! Now you need to do naamka­ran. If the college is laundering black money for the local MP, simply use his name. Another good option is a hitech-sounding name like ‘Hi Tech College of Engineering’.

As per AICTE rules, kuch teacher log bhi chah­iye. In every varsity there are a few good-for-nothings who have spent many years trying to get a PhD...and finally succeeded. Ask them to come and warm a chair in the college. Okay, your college is now ready to admit students. The good news is you have a super-large pool of nerds who don’t think there is any future in the arts, science, commerce, fashion design or reading tarot cards. Ek time...



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