20 October, 2020

Shellfire Beach

Shellfire Beach
Not many people really feel like going down to Curlie’s these days. "It gives me the creeps," says Lizzy, a dreadlocked baker and mother of three, about this most popular shack in South Anjuna. The drugging, raping and killing of 15-year-old Scarlett right here on this beach, by people we all know, has deeply affected the whole "community". Over on the spot where they found her body, two six-year-olds, a golden yellow girl and a nut brown boy, are building a sand sculpture, decorating it with bits of shells. The beach is almost empty, finally; the tourists are starting to go back where they came from, taking with them their noise and their stress, their booze and drugs, their (often) clueless rude behaviour. Ah, soon they will give this tiny bit of earth back to us, the gora locals, still crazy after all these years.


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