29 July, 2021

Shekhar Suman

On his withdrawal from Sony’s Movers and Shakers

Shekhar Suman
What exactly happened?
Sony has been promising me that they'll try and improve the show, change the telecast timing etc. But they did nothing. And before they killed the show, I thought I will leave.

Were they treating you badly?
Yes. First they didn't consult me when the show timings were changed and later they took many decisions that I didn't like. And then they didn't take any decisions at all about the show further.

Who is responsible for all this?
There is a sort of infighting happening in Sony. People are working at cross-purposes. I don't know if Kunal Dasgupta has lost hold of the channel or what.

They weren't professional enough?
Of course. Towards the end they didn't even pay me.

How much was your fee?
Rs 1 crore for three months.

Did you lose out on other work because of the show?
Yes. Star Plus offered me five times the amount I was getting to shift the show to their channel. I refused on ethical grounds.

Was the show doing well of late?

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