30 July, 2021

Shekhar Suman

On Pahlaj Nihalani's notice to Sony TV to tone down 'Movers & Shakers'

Shekhar Suman
How do you react to the notice?
I won't react because it has been sent to make me react.

Is it personal and motivated?
I'm sure there are some individuals behind it though I cannot name them.

Why has this happened now?
That's why I think the whole thing is motivated. Why did they take three years and 400 shows to find out I was offending them?

Do you agree with the premise that your show is offensive?
Not at all. The show boasts of having guests like V.P. Singh and Sushma Swaraj. I'm told the PM himself watches the show. If they can take jokes on them, why should small fry in Bollywood be upset?

Do you try not to offend people?
I have 8-10 scriptwriters. I don't write the script, it's given to me. In fact what I do is subtract from what I'm given. I enforce self-censorship if I feel a joke is offensive.

Can you give us an example of a 'self-censored' joke?
I elided remarks about Bachchan's bankruptcy. Also a joke that Indian special effects had come of age as Akshay Kumar...

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