21 September, 2020

Sheikh Dulaimi's Ransom? Asha Parekh

Heading some 16,500 tribal leaders and with tremendous family clout, Sheikh Hisham al-Dulaimi is a natural choice for mediator between KGL and Black Flags

Sheikh Dulaimi's Ransom? Asha Parekh
Sheikh Hisham Dulaimi reeks of cigars and caffeine. He has three wives, twelve children and his physique suggests that he could be a subscriber to the Charles Atlas body building course. Of course, right now, the sheikh's solid, welded hulk is a compulsory stop for any reporter chasing the moods, fancies and messages of kidnappers of the three Indian drivers from two weeks back.

He's discovering and enjoying the glories of television appearances and spinning yarns on live studio shows. His latest bout of posturing: announcing his withdrawal from the mediation process between the Kuwaiti trucking company and the kidnappers, citing the "negative posture" of the Kuwaiti management, and announcing his willingness to re-enter the process, 24 hours later, if the "kidnappers" sent him a message to step back in and if the Kuwaiti company sent a representative to Baghdad to thrash things out with him (read: it would help if he was flying in with some dollars. Cheques don't travel in Baghdad).

Says Sheikh Dulaimi, "Till now the Kuwaiti company hasn't...



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