12 May, 2021

'She Was So Happy'

Neena Gopal talks to Benazir's political secretary, with her then

'She Was So Happy'
Naheed Khan was Benazir Bhutto's alter ego, her factotum who organised political rallies, her shadow who was expected to act as her human shield. A former member of the National Assembly and Benazir's political secretary, Naheed was at the PPP leader's side at the time she was assassinated. Here is her account of the leader's last moments.

"She was so happy, so thrilled that the rally had gone so well that she got into the car, turned to me and kissed me on my left cheek, then on my right cheek and said—'all credit goes to Naheed'. Bibi gave me a huge hug, and we were both laughing, which is when my husband Safdar (Dr Safdar Hashmi) said—'come on bibi, even I should get some credit'—but bibi said, 'No, it's all Naheed's doing'. Then she looked out of the window and said, 'There are so many people waving, please open the sunroof so I can wave back.' The next thing, I heard what I thought was a firecracker. I had no idea she had been shot.

But she fell back into the car and I thought as she sat down and slumped on to me...

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