22 September, 2020

She Turns On The Radio

Bridging the gap between male and female sexuality

Illustration by Sorit
She Turns On The Radio

This is not an age of the cliche; it is an age of rediscovery. Of finding new shades to relationships. Just ask me: there are many experiences shared on my call-in radio show, Between The Sheets, which testify to new-age thinking under the covers. For instance, a woman took the discussion on love and expectation to a new level by saying she had a “friend with benefits” who she hoped would not fall in love with her. It was convenient, there was no mush, there was a connect and there was practicality. There was lots of “good sex”. Another lady caller thought long-distance relationships were the ones that last; you get space to breathe, you aren’t under a microscope—what you are wearing, who you are seeing or when you will come home. Clearly, space is as much of a priority for a woman as a man.

The cheating code is changing too: the “two-timer” is ‘the man’ no more. “What is the harm in dating more than one guy?” I was asked, while doing a show titled ‘Who’s On Your Mind...



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