06 August, 2021

She Doesn’t Call Me Dad

Finding companionship in old age is no longer taboo—at least not to the aged

She Doesn’t Call Me Dad

What’s Out There...

  • Secondwedlock.com: A discreet, personalised matrimonial portal that also caters to the elderly
  • Marrygold.in: Another bureau that also caters to the older lot looking to get married
  • Kumar Deshpande Foundation: Organises meetings for senior singles, promotes companionship, takes care of legal hassles
  • Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa: This Ahmedabad-based agency promotes live-in relationships for the elderly. It also arranges weddings.


“What do I want in a man? Well, it might be hard to find a perfect gentleman, but he should be dignified, financially sound and have clean habits,” declares Reba P.M. Mukerji. It’s what any girl may look for in a partner. Only, Reba is 61....

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