18 June, 2021

Shashi Tharoor

Writer and UN official on a visit to India as the face of his alma mater, Tufts University

Shashi Tharoor
In India, you are the face of the UN. Is this a new profile?
I am on the University's board and proud of my Fletcher School connection. It's also a good break.

With the Volcker report controversy, this seems more like an undercover visit.
Ironically, this visit was planned a year back.

So you did not plan to meet the PM?
I would've paid my respects to senior figures in Delhi. It would be inappropriate not to do so.

Post 9/11 it's been difficult for Indian students to go to the US.
There was certainly a brief hiccup. But a backlash from US universities demanding more flexibility has changed things positively.

How do you balance your two careers ?
Both my careers define me. The trick is to use every available minute. Writing brings me relief from my otherwise high-pressured life.

So you never waste time watching TV?
Well, I haven't watched TV for entertainment in a long, long while.

You prefer writing fiction or non-fiction?
Both. But fiction needs time and space and in...

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