30 September, 2020

Sharp Longing

Dhondy's style—sharp, funny, irreverent—is just right for a fraught subject like adultery

Sharp Longing

Although Farrukh Dhondy has written very readable books, many readers will remember his columns. His style—sharp, funny, irreverent—is just right for a fraught subject like adultery.

No wonder then that this collection of short stories keeps you turning the pages with wry amusement. Almost all the stories are of East-West encounters and most of them are full of chicanery and deception, with the Artful Dodgers all being Indians and the victims usually Westerners. If Farrukh Dhondy weren’t a brown man himself (even if as a Parsi he is a lighter shade of brown), he would be accused of racism! But in these days of scams and large-scale wheeler-dealing, the small-time crooks that crop up in Adultery are amateurs, whose ambition doesn’t match their imagination.

Many of Dhondy’s clever stories are told through today’s language of e-mail; one e-mail following another so that in one short tale we might get three or four narrators. The device makes the stories move swiftly to their often...



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