23 January, 2021

Sharon's Stone On Our Heart

As Delhi prepares to welcome the Israeli PM, it wilfully forgets his past for its own interests Updates

Sharon's Stone On Our Heart
When Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, best remembered in most parts of the world for masterminding the massacre of Palestinians in the Shabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, lands in New Delhi, he’ll be the establishment’s toast. Elsewhere, demonstrators will have marked his arrival with protests, in New Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, and even in Thiruvananthapuram and Calcutta which he won’t be visiting. Many even argue that Sharon makes Slobodan Milosevic look like a saint.

It’s a sensitive point for many who are watching from the sidelines. Asks M.H. Ansari, a former permanent representative to the UN: "If an individual is so tainted, what signal are you sending to the world on the Palestinian question? After all, you were party to all resolutions against Israel, including the one on the Shabra and Shatila massacres?" As Israel’s defence minister in 1982, Sharon oversaw the invasion of southern Lebanon that resulted in the killing of over 2,000 Palestinians by Christian militias backed by Israel during the long night of the Lebanese civil war. The Security Council...



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