17 June, 2021

Sharon Prabhakar

The pop divas latest rock video Burning sparks off a controversy

Sharon Prabhakar
We hear you're burning ever since Doordarshan refused to air your new album on grounds of obscenity?
No, I'm not angry. I am upset because I have had a wonderful relationship with Doordarshan—they nurtured me. This is a personal hurt, I feel rejected. I think they found the sensuality in the video too hot to handle.

What was so sensual?
They found the ballet dancers' movements suggestive and some of the languid camera shots and choreography, somewhat sensual, or so I'm told.

You think this smacks of double standards—airing lewd Hindi lyrics and shutting you out?
Most definitely, that's why I am hurt.

Is DD too old-fashioned?
I am starting a voyage of discovery. Let's see what happens in the future.

What do you plan for the future—with DD, that is?
I am rehearsing for my international promotional concert—Burning Like Crazy. We start touring soon.

And you're hoping DD may mention it?
I hope so, since the concert is full of fun and fabulous stagecraft. But my dream...

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