03 August, 2021

Sharing The Reservation Pie

The ‘Mandal-vs-Kamandal’ discourse has given way to talk of inequities within the beneficiary categories

Sharing The Reservation Pie

At A Glance

  • 27 per cent reservation for OBCs across India was provided by implementing the 1979 Mandal Commission report in 1989
  • The only recent nationwide record of non-SC, non-ST castes is the 2011 Census. Its findings are still unreleased
  • OBCs are estimated to be 40-60 per cent of the total population

Castes Within Categories, Quotas Within Quotas

  • OBCs are not a homogeneous group. Within OBCs, the most backward groups are far more numerous, but have less representation in government jobs.
  • Yadavs are said to have cornered 30 per cent of reservation benefits among OBCs, while the 2001 Gazette puts it at five per cent of government jobs
  • Class divisions among OBCs have widened over the years, and the More Backward Classes (MBCs) are eager for more jobs and a greater share in power
  • Dominant OBCs such as Yadav, Kurmi and Jat have developed their own political leadership, but MBCs feel left out socially and...

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