27 November, 2020

Shards, Memories

'9/11 was the totality of all that US foreign policy had added up to till that day.'

Shards, Memories
Joy Goswami, Poet, Calcutta
I was in Iowa at a writers workshop when it happened. At first it was like a physical blow; it sank in slowly. I think our motley group—Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and nine Muslims who showed the most consternation—came closer because of it, a bond tenuous earlier. In NY, I couldn’t look up at the blue sky, it felt as if the towers would fall any moment. I did not go to Ground Zero, an Israeli told me tourists were flocking there to click themselves.

Om Puri, Actor, Mumbai
I was flying to New York on 9/11 for a shoot, and had stopped in London when we heard. It was horrifying, I couldn’t believe something like this was deliberately planned. Its sheer callousness shook me. For weeks, I was terrified of flying. When I flew out days later, the plane was virtually empty. It also set me thinking of Palestine: how if you keep ignoring an issue, it won’t...



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