11 May, 2021

Shanghai Diary

Do Chinese scholars and the media have any freedom of expression—or are they all controlled by the Communist Party that has the blood of Tiananmen on its hands? It isn't as simple as a monolith manipulated by the Party

Shanghai Diary

Heavily-Worn Pride

Last month, China and India engaged in a bitter war of words that began with Beijing taking unusual exception in public to Manmohan Singh’s impending visit to Arunachal Pradesh. High-decibel Indian TV reportage repeatedly dwelt on the various acts of purported perfidy and intimidation that Beijing had engaged in over the last few months. More dramatically, October 20, 1962—when China ‘taught India a humiliating lesson’—was recalled in an emotive manner. On the other side, the Chinese media wrote disparaging editorials about Indian hegemony.

It was against this backdrop that I arrived in Shanghai on October 21 to participate in an international conference on ‘China-India Relations: Between Cooperation and Competition’ at the invitation of the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University. The direct flight...

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