20 October, 2020

Shanghai Diary

To the question 'what is the difference between India and China today?', the instinctive answer might be 'In India we don't have a danda!'

Shanghai Diary

China is Selling

We were in Shanghai last week, and were visiting China after a long gap. The transition in ten years from a country suspicious of foreigners to an extremely tourist-friendly one has its roots both in the perceived commercial possibilities, as also an inherent chauvinism, where in the eyes of the world the Chinese simply have to appear the best and brightest. What has changed most is the lack of any visible signs of Communism and the vast improvement in the cuisine! Trade and commerce seem to be the paramount movers in a society bent on rapid upward mobility. From the great banks and commercial institutions along the venerable ‘Bund’ that occupy glorious buildings from a colonial past, to the teeming, high-rise bazaars where cheap goods and amazing bargains draw crowds of both Chinese and foreigners, commerce prevails above all else. An Indian...



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