27 February, 2021

Shame On You, Mr Denness

For too long now, the ICC has had an old school of people out of touch with the game, who justify themselves and flex their muscles using the rules.

Shame On You, Mr Denness
Thank you for your contribution to cricket, Mr Denness, now get out of here and find a small English village to smoke your cigars and ponder on how the hell you could have created such an issue out of nothing. You have managed to cause untold damage to the game we all love through your total lack of insight and inconsistency and even more than that, you have embarrassed one of the greatest players that has ever lived. Shame on you. You're fired.

That's how I would like to see the last brief from the ICC to Mike Denness after his last effort in attempting to become bigger than the game itself. He tried when he was captain of England and in Boycott's own words—"I wouldn't let him look after my three cats at home." For too long now, the ICC have had an old school running made up of people who are totally out of touch with the game and are on a paid holiday, and who need to constantly justify their existence by using ICC regulations to flex their muscles.

The Test match at St George's Park was one that had so many great facets to it. Let's list them. We had a...

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