24 July, 2021

Shakin' Mover

That's Shekhar Suman. A TV star as big as the film stars. The highest-paid and the busiest.

Shakin' Mover

THERE'S a pause, even with canned laughter. And it's in these pauses that a serial like Main is spawned. For the self. When a superstar like Shekhar Suman shifts orbit to blaze a trail all his own. And take a break from his stand-up comic routines to return to a few of his favourite things in all seriousness.

"With two years of Movers and Shakers I attained a certain image. Then one episode of Main changed everything. In it I am deadpan, morbid, aggressive. People are accepting it. To have just one image is to be strait-jacketed," muses this Baadshah of the tube. One who, industry sources estimate, at Rs 1 lakh per episode of M&S, Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000 per episode of the three serials (Vilayati babu, Main and Hera Pheri) he's currently working on, would be toting around Rs 6.5 lakh to 7.25 lakh per week. Add up the weeks to a year, and he could be making as much as the Khan superstars, who charge upwards of Rs 2.5 crore per film.

For long, he's had humour as his muse. Now his bag of gags throws up uncharacteristic...

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