20 October, 2020

Shackled By Super Powers

Mumbai is not going the Chicago way, but politicians should stop remote-controlling the police

Shackled By Super Powers

IN The Pleasures of Philosophy, Will Durant writes: "Democracy without education means hypocrisy without limitation. It means the degradation of statesmanship into politics. It means the expensive maintenance, in addition to the real ruling class, of a large parasitic class of politicians whose function is to serve the ruler and deceive the ruled. The last stage of the matter is gangmen rule. Criminals flourish happily in our larger cities, because they are guaranteed the full protection of the law. If they belong to the organisation (the political party) or have friends in it, they have every assurance that if they commit a crime, they will not be arrested; that if arrested, they will not be convicted; that if convicted, they will not be sent to jail; and if jailed, they will be pardoned; that if unpardoned, they will be permitted to escape. If, in the practice of their profession, they should be killed, they will be buried with grandeur and ceremony due to a member of the ruling class and memorial tablets will be erected in their honour."...



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