03 August, 2021

Shabana Azmi

After Richard Gere, the activist-actress asserts that celebrity events do help

Shabana Azmi
Were the Delhi-Mumbai events of Art of Giving successful?
Absolutely. In fact, the Mumbai evening was magical.

Are you satisfied with the amount raised?
No exact figures yet, but yes, quite.

Do these events help various causes?
The generic term 'causes' is upsetting. People don't just take up a cause one fine morning. There is a level of involvement and understanding before a person gets involved.

There has been some controversy about NAZ not getting all the money as promised in the beginning.
This is something which Anjali Gopalan of NAZ and Bina Ramani who organised the event can answer. What was explained to us was that NAZ was only a nodal agency.

What aspects were you involved in directly?
The film industry was well represented in the Mumbai event. I'm certain that if ever a public service message is needed, I can pick up the phone and elicit their support.

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