02 March, 2021

Shaadi And Talaq

Kapil Sibal got it completely wrong. What has faith got to do with a contract between two individuals?

Shaadi And Talaq

It is terrible that a modern, secular Republic (not to be confused with an insanely hilarious TV channel) is discussing whether it is legal for a man to utter some word thrice and throw his wife out of the house. There is nothing Islamic, Indian, Constitutional or ethical about this completely regressive idea. But then, aren’t we a farrago of many regressive races, to use an expression made fashionable recently. We use computers for astrology (I practise it), cars to honk at people and hit other cars, airplanes to slap stewards, pavements to pee, satellites to watch saas-bahu serials and cardiac stents for extortion.

Yet, triple talaq is fundamentally wrong. And whoever, for whatever reason, has picked it up as a political issue has chosen a winner. It’s an unacceptable idea even by the standards of outdated social codes. But it’s not the only outdated idea worth flushing out of our system. Everything about our marriages, divorces and inheritances—and all our personal laws based on customs or religions—are outdated, be it Hindu, Christian,...

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