29 September, 2020

Sex, Ties And Tomahawk Strikes

A battered Clinton tries to live up to his Energiser Bunny image—bouncing back from the Zippergate scandal with an abrupt bombing

Sex, Ties And Tomahawk Strikes

HAS President Bill Clinton's moral authority been so shattered that he will find it difficult to govern the nation during what remains of his time in office? The White House was obviously conscious of such an area of doubt. For, one moment he had retreated to Martha's Vineyard en famille

to lick his wounds after the humiliating testimony before the grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky case. The next, he orders a sudden barrage of Tomahawk Cruise missiles against "suspected terrorist camps" in Sudan and Afghanistan. Is domestic trouble, in this case as domestic as you can get, behind the global muscle-flexing?

The chief executive's extraordinary five-minute confession before the nation that he "misled" the country and his family in the Monica Lewinsky issue, on another front, was also followed by a damning second testimony by Lewinsky—where she reportedly contested Clinton's 'sanitised' version of the sexual relationship. As the steamy sex scandal embroiled Clinton's presidency in an image-battering media war,...



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