15 June, 2021

Seven Notes Of Corporate Success

Here’s how classical music is helping people climb their way up the world of business

One In Two
Classical vocalists T.M. Krishna, Bombay Jayashree
Seven Notes Of Corporate Success

Almost a decade ago, a business workshop in Mumbai and another in Chennai had two top classical musicians address corporate honchos on how the Carnatic idiom could aid business management. Vocalists Bombay Jayashree and T.M. Krishna came up with lecture-demonstrations based on a set of seven key principles they believed CEOs, dir­ectors, general managers et al can practise for better professional skills.

Months later, delegates at a Coimbatore college workshop were told of an MBA-Carnatic analogy. Prof S. Viswanathan of Singapore’s Nanyang Business School noted that just as students taking rigorous lessons for months on the basic swaras are intermittently taught short songs in popular ragas, management aspirants can ideally be tasked with solving simple business problems, while being trained in the fundamental tools and techniques of their profession.

Musicologist Deepak S. Raja points out that true business and classical arts are not watertight compartments. “It isn’t mundanity versus sublime. Or materialism vis-a-vis spirituality,” says...

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