29 October, 2020

Seven Days

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Seven Days
Stand up India!

Notwithstanding uncharitable tweets from the likes of Abhishek Manu Singhvi (“Wish hunger could be solved by anulom vilom; unemployment by sheersaasan & galloping inflation of food items by Yog Nidra!”) and farmers’ own Virodhasana protest at Abohar (Punjab), Yoga Day went off well. Narendra Modi was awarded 10/10 by an acharya from the Bihar School of Yoga, certifying that he did better in Chandigarh than he had done last year in Delhi. That didn’t stop pictures of Marilyn Monroe doing yoga in 1948, Nehru doing the head-stand in the 1950s and a commemorative stamp from the 1990s, to suggest the government has only turned into a spectacle something that was always taken seriously. The PM, in turn, linked it to jobs and everyone agreed it has spawned a flourishing market in desi mats...



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