03 August, 2021

'Sethi Will Be Given A Fair Trial'

Minister for interior affairs Shujjat Hussain spoke on Najam Sethi's controversial arrest. Excerpts:

'Sethi Will Be Given A Fair Trial'

Where is Najam Sethi?
He is with the ISI. They are interrogating him in Islamabad.

Why was he arrested?
It was because of the speech that he made in New Delhi.

You’ve read the entire speech and the question-answer session?
What questions and answers? I do not know about that. I was told he made a speech against the national interest.

Who arrested him?
It was the local police and then he was handed to the isi. I do not want to get into the controversy of IB, FIA etc. It is a collective responsibility of the government as to who arrests him.

What of the manner of the arrest?
It is wrong if they have entered his home in this manner. This is normally the work of the lower level of police. We did get complaints about it. But this has also happened to us in the past as we were arrested in the same manner.

What are the links that have been established between Sethi and RAW?
I do not know anything at this stage. It would be premature to say anything now. Wait for the interrogation to be...

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