12 April, 2021

Separation At Full Kilt?

Do Scots want independence? The ‘Yes’ camp is high on emotional heft, Asian-Scot support.

Getty Images (From Outlook 10 March 2014)
Separation At Full Kilt?

Drink It Up With Your Single Malt

  • a daeless boadie (a carefree person)
  • a gruppit hault (I took a firm grip)
  • a pluckit-up heart (I took courage)
  • a pooerfu daien (an amazing event)
  • a quare gunk (a big surprise)
  • a sair pech (a hard labour)
  • a wee han (help or assistance)
  • aa med up (delighted, thrilled)
  • aff han (without delay)
  • aince an ay (once and for all)
  • awa er thon (clear off)
    alloo(tae) (be of the opinion that)


Break-ups are always difficult. When two countries have been together for so long they can barely remember what united them in the first place, it can be natural for one of them—a fiercely proud keeper of the memory of its...

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