15 May, 2021

Sena Versus Sena

All's not well in Senadom—Thackeray's outburst against Joshi opens up a can of worms

Sena Versus Sena

SHIV Sena chief Bal Thackeray is unpredictable and his reactions are often volcanic. But when he chose to erupt and attack Chief Minister Manohar Joshi in his much publicised interviews to Saamna, the Sena mouthpiece, it caught partymen unawares. The timing was what was most intriguing. Thackeray's broadside against Joshi on two consecutive days came on the eve of the state budget, just when the Congress was gearing up to take on the Joshi government.

Thackeray's outburst is being variously described. At one level it is seen as a manifestation of the frustration that has crept into the party following its drubbing in the elections. A section of the party believes that it was poor governance and corruption in high places which led to the rout. And that once the party began looking for a villain, Joshi was seen as a convenient fall guy. While Thackeray succeeded in camouflaging the larger failure of his party, he has brought to the fore the divide in the Sena and the growing suspicion that there is corruption in high places. It has also...

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