14 April, 2021

Selling A Pig In A Poke

The Great Indian Nightmare that the MBA bazaar has become is ultimately affecting our growth story

Selling A Pig In A Poke

George Bernard Shaw once asked an attractive woman seated next to him at a dinner table, "Madam, would you go to bed with me for a thousand pounds?" The woman shook her head. "How about 50,000 pounds?" he continued. The woman, after further thought, coyly replied, "Perhaps". Shaw continued, "How about five pounds?" The woman exclaimed, "Mr Shaw, what do you take me for!" Shaw replied, "We have already established what you are. Now we are merely haggling for the price."

In the great Indian education bazaar, everything is up for sale—government, media, educational institutes, foreign faculty, collaboration with foreign universities, endorsement of teaching shops by reputed names to build credibility, and the parading of successful candidates in competitive exams as alumni. The only issue is price,...

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